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hell of it.

i haven't touched this journal in months. i moved to one journal, and i made a journal for friends from school.

then i realized how ridiculous it all was. it was like leading separate lives.

so i've learned the lovely usage of a "filter" and have put everything into one journal. it was mostly public for awhile, but i've decided to make it friends only as well.

if this will even appear on your friends page, i don't know, because i haven't used this in forever...but feel free to add me at my new journal.

rosepetals_fall is the username.

updates in my life:
-i have gotten over any and every ex-boyfriend i've had.
-i am falling in love with a boy who makes my heart smile.
-i'm a happy person in general now.
-my updates don't make you want to slit your wrists anymore.
-i still do have my bouts of sadness, as does any other person, so if you can't deal with that, go away.

♥ loove.


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